Turtle Primary

Ok all - Here's the deal!

After some thinking, I realized it would be best if the class chose the actual name/names of the turtle(s).  BUT - That doesn't mean I'm counting you out!  So, I changed my plans and I thought of the perfect way to incorporate both my faithful readers and my eighteen excited students:

You will all nominate the official list of names from which the class will vote!  

So, here's how this will go:  On the right you'll see virtually every name submitted to me via facebook and the blog - in addition to several of my own picks (45 some odd names in total!).  As you will see, there are some really creative names in the bunch - some of which in particular will work perfectly if we get two turtles...or a specific species of turtle.... or act as perfect "interdisciplinary" names..... It is your job to whittle that list down to the TOP TEN BEST NAMES....  i.e. a turtle "primary" of sorts.  In essence, you will be choosing the turtle candidates going up in the turtle general election....and good news - none of these names have been endorsed by The Crazy Tea Party.   Knock yourself out and choose more than one - you're allowed to choose as many favorites as you want!  When voting closes one week from tonight, the ten highest vote getters will produce a nice concise list to present to my eager students.  They will then each choose their two favorite names from your list of ten, and after the final votes are tallied, you will all be formally introduced to our new class pet together on Monday, September 13th.

Let the voting commence.

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