Day 6: Nothing Left To Give

Ok - faithful readers....I have to level with you.... I feel terrible.  I didn't get a chance to update the blog about day 5 yet....and I know there is NO CHANCE day six is coming today either.... I got four hours worth of sleep last night while I prepped to be observed by my district literacy coach for BOTH my reading and writing workshop lessons....Add to that back to back meetings during my lunch period which meant all I was able to fit in was an apple and a few saltines....then a double observation in the afternoon....then an after school meeting with the literacy coach and Cady....which brought me until 4:30pm.... which left me 2 hours to get my entire room ready for back to school night.....which meant only enough time to run next door, and order chicken parm from a take-out place....eat ten bites.... and then ditch it to immediately begin feverishly stapling packets together for parents.... to the point where teachers literally had to pull me out of my out of my room because I was going to be late to the auditorium for the welcome and I wouldn't stop until I got it ready...... which brought me to two back-to-back parent-teacher sessions that wrapped up around 9....then an hour commute home... until finally just walking in the door at 10:10pm.

I feel like I'm disappointing you all and I feel terrible... I promised to post each day.... but I guess this experience is a valid part of the blog as well.... it's just a reality of the situation..... that this job is so all-consuming at times, I have nothing left to give after a day like today.  The feeling of complete drowning is back....it comes in waves...even despite my newfound organizational system....And you know what?  Right now, I JUST. NEED. SLEEP. ...and I need it DESPERATELY.  And it kills me to forfeit any chance to properly plan for tomorrow.... I have no idea what I'm doing with the kids in some subjects...but when I feel so lightheaded that I have to sit down mid-lesson today in the afternoon, even I can tell when a line needs to be drawn...

All told, today was LITERALLY 17 STRAIGHT HOURS (5am-10pm) of NON. STOP. WORKING.  

...And I'm heading to bed.  


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  1. Mark, Although I love following your blog, it alone takes up a lot of valuable time you could be devoting to lesson planning. Don't worry about your blog followers. We'll forgive you for not daily posting something. I'm glad you admitted you are only human and sometimes can't do it all. We as faithful readers will understand the demands upon you. Right now, this is not a priority. Being prepared each day, is. When you do post something, we'll read it and enjoy it.