Teacher's Pet

Ok - Bring on the interactive classroom. With about ONE MONTH left to go before the very first day of school (see: growingly ominous countdown clock in upper left), my principal has greenlit the introduction of our very own classroom pet!  Seeing as I will have the pleasure of teaching science (instead of social studies), a real-live animal can come in handy when it comes to discussing everything from scientific classification to circulatory systems.

So, how will I choose?  By asking you guys!  That's right - It's the TRUE "Decision 2010".  See that poll in the upper right hand corner?  It says "Pick Our Pet!"?  Go ahead and vote!  You have about 30 days to choose AND you can select your top few choices instead of just deciding on one.  When the poll closes at noon, on Friday, September 3rd, I will in fact go out that very weekend and acquire our interactive winner.   

A quick footnote to all those seriously mulling over the ferret option. The Pros: They're adorable, they're smart and one of them completely saved the day in Kindergarten Cop.  The con: they're "the Ferrari" of classroom pets.  Ferrari's are a tad pricey for teachers.  Perhaps they would make even better Investment Banker office pets.

By the way - I've been spending a lot of time in my classroom diligently turning those "before" pictures (see: earlier blogpost) into soon-to-be "after" pictures.  Get ready for the big Oprah-&-Nate-Berkus-style reveal in just a matter of days.  Too bad I won't have her introducing the pictures with her trademark:


  1. "dude, what happened to your dog?"
    - this is not a dog. it's a ferret.
    "if it bites you, you get rabies and you die."
    - no this is not true. he nev-ah bites.

  2. From what I understand, ferrets STINK!

  3. Kimberly AKA KimboAugust 4, 2010 at 4:20 PM

    I was gonna say hedgehog! But it's not on the list, boo. They're probably hard to find though.