Berkus Beware

Ok - We're days away from the big "Extreme Homeroom Makeover" before-and-after-reveal.  Not to mention, days away from "Buddy Day" which occurs this coming Thursday. (And believe it or not, "Buddy Day" is not one of my own cheesy made-up names - that one is property of my school district.)

Anyway, I can already tell you that the transformation should be pretty radical. Who knows?  Maybe I did figure out a way to get my classroom Dunkin' Donuts. 

As I mentioned before, my sole aim is to make Nate Berkus & Oprah jealous.    ....I mean - it's all for the kids.

Yeah.... that's what I meant.

Anyway - THE BIG REVEAL WILL HAPPEN AT SOME POINT THIS WEEK!  So, be sure to stay tuned....and despite the clear lack of the ginormous Greyhound, get ready to shout the now famous Makeover tagline....  
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  1. well after that amazing social studies learning center- I am prepared to be very impressed! I leave Thurs for a 2 week trip- glad I will be able to view from road if need be!